We know that fruit plants provide “nutrients for the developing embryo” (British National Bibliography). We also know that they are seeds encased in flesh, and there are hundreds if not thousands of varieties.

Here is a small list of some fruits you may find familiar or have at least heard about:

– Fruit Plant: Apple Tree – Fruit: apple

– Fruit Plant: Apricot Tree – Fruit: apricot

– Fruit Plant: Banana Tree – Fruit: banana

– Fruit Plant: Cherry tree – Fruit: cherry

– Fruit Plant: Coconut Palm – Fruit: coconut

– Fruit Plant: Ginkgo Tree – Fruit: ginkgo nut (eaten as fruit, but included anyway)

– Fruit Plant: Grape Vine – Fruit: grape

– Fruit Plant: Lemon Tree – Fruit: lemon

– Fruit Plant: Lime Tree – Fruit: lime

– Fruit Plant: Mango tree – Fruit: mango

– Fruit Plant: Orange Tree – Fruit: orange

– Fruit Plant: Olive Tree – Fruit: olive

– Fruit Plant: Peachtree – Fruit: peach

– Fruit Plant: Pear Tree – Fruit: pear

– Fruit Plant: Plum Tree – Fruit: plum or prune (dried plums)

Fruit Plant: Pomegranate Tree – Fruit: pomegranate

– Fruit Plant: Strawberry plant – Fruit: strawberry

– Fruit Plant: Vanilla orchid – Fruit: vanilla bean (really a seed pod)

fruit plants strawberries

Facts about Fruit Plants

There are many, many more fruits, but those are just some of the common ones. Fruit is pretty interesting, not only in how it grows on a plant and what it is for the plant but also because each fruit does different things. Fruit tastes good and has lots of good nutrients which are healthy for us and contain lots of water too. Fruit is very tasty, and fruit smells nice too. Fruit seeds can also carry dormant organisms like bacteria or fungi and when they germinate, these organisms turn into pathogens that may infect humans with diseases. So there you have it, some background on fruit!

Now you know what a fruit is and you know some fruits too! Fruit is great it tastes good, smells good, looks good, can be nutritious for us, and helps plants produce more of their kind (seeds). Fruit is not just any old plant part; fruit has a very specific job to do. Fruit is used all around the world by plants, animals, and people. Fruit is important!

fruit plants grapes

Uses of fruits

Fruit is the fleshy or dry ripened ovary of a flowering plant, enclosing the seed or seeds. The most common examples of fruit in which part of the plant is eaten, are the apple, avocado, banana and tomato. Fruit is a common part of people’s diets around the world. Fruit plants grow their fruits for us to eat so that they can reproduce and make more fruit plants. Fruit has lots of vitamins in it which makes it good for your health too!

Fruit tastes great especially with ice cream, and is a very colorful food too. Fruit smells nice because it has lots of different perfumes in them. Fruit is important for the world around us in every way! Fruit is very tasty and it also contains lots of water too. These plants are grown in all around the world by people, animals, and plants alike. Fruit comes from fruit trees like apples, plums/prunes, oranges! Fruit is as sweet as sugar! Fruit can be nutritious for us too!


Now that you have read this article, you can use your newfound knowledge of fruit to impress your friends and family for years to come with interesting facts about fruit. Also be sure to look for more articles coming soon about the parts of a plant, what food plants need in order grow, which parts of a plant are used for medicine, which parts of the world have the most fruit, and more!

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