Rare Plants – The plants you never knew about!

Let’s discover some rare plants. You may think that you can grow anything in your garden. Yet, some plants are regional and cannot survive everywhere. Let us look at which plants you should avoid planting if you want to stay under the radar of local botanists.

The North American plant Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)

This poor plant has turned into some sort of a party joke. People all around the world buy one and then ask their friends to feed it with insects. Yet, what they are failing to realize is that this plant cannot survive in too hot or dry conditions. It shall live only in very specific conditions, which happen naturally in only North Carolina (US) and Florida (US). If you take it out of its natural habitat, it will probably die pretty soon!

Many rare plants in one frame

The South African “Life Plant” (Bryophyllum decagons)

The “Life Plant” got its name because the locals believe that if you keep part of the cuttings at home, you will be protected from any. This may sound great, but the fact is: this plant does not grow everywhere. It does best in humid areas; therefore you are not going to find it growing well in a drier climate.

The European “Cowboy Flower” (Centaurea cyanus)

This pretty purple flower got its name from its ability to thrive everywhere – even in rocky and dry ground. However, if you live anywhere outside Europe, it is probably best that you do not try planting it as it won’t get enough sunlight or proper nutrients.

The South African Violet (Streptocarpus elegans)

This beautiful violet has become extremely popular lately among botanists and gardeners alike due to its ease of care. What these people do not understand is that this plant can live only in South Africa and nowhere else.

Rare plants having flowers

Rare Plants – The European or North African “Reindeer Plant” (Cerinthe major)

This tough plant has several names – some people call it the “Snowdrop”, while others refer to it as the “Honey Flower“. It can grow in USDA Hardiness zones 2-11 but especially loves Europe and Morocco. If you do plan to grow it outside of these areas, make sure you never cut off its roots! They need constant humidity.
Some of the flowers are also rare that cannot survive everywhere. It is best to plant when you know your climate well. If we look into the flowers, we will find different categories. Rare plants are also present, some of which you cannot plant outside its region. Rare plants not only have their own beauty but these are fully exotic too. Rare plants have a higher price in the market. Rare flowers need special attention and you should follow certain instructions before planting or growing them. Flowering plants are available throughout the world but rare flowers are less found as compared to common flowering ones. Rare flowering plants can be used for landscaping purposes but these require more care and attention.

gardener growing rare plants

Rare Plants Facts

There is a myth that some of the flowers cannot survive outside their native areas. Rare flower facts tell us that this is not entirely true but it depends on how much care you provide to these non-native species. Rare flowers do not grow everywhere, so if someone tries to sell you seeds then avoid buying those seeds, as they might not germinate due to lack of care and proper attention. Rare flowers have a higher price as compared to common ones, therefore if you can provide the right conditions then planting these exotic rare flowers are not a bad idea.

Rare flowers are shrubs or flowering plants, which are not found in any part of the world. Rare flower facts tell us that these plants have been categorized according to their habitation locations across the world. The rare flower grows only in specific conditions such as climate, soil type, elevation, and moisture availability. Rare flower plantings require special care before they become resistant to the new environment in which they are planted.

Regional-specific flowers and plants can be a great way to add some flare to your wedding or event. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve put together a list of our favorite rare flower varieties that are sure to make any gardener’s heart sing.

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